Link Roundup – Is Beaver Rump Worse for You than Bacon?

What part of that diet raspberry tea came out of a beaver’s rectum? Find out (if you dare) with this list of 6 scary things hiding in processed food. (Food Republic)

Bacon, salami and other red/processed meat may be riskier than realized. (NPR) And why some bacon isn’t “real food” is one of the questions explored in this profile of Burger King’s Executive Chef. (EcoSalon)

The CDC just launched a series of controversially graphic anti-tobacco ads called “Tips from Former Smokers.”  (YouTube)

Eat your veggies, and you may look more attractive. (Consumer Reports)

From smaller needles to more TLC, read how adults would get better medical care if their doctors were more like pediatricians. (New York Times)

Adult caregivers can see significant quality-of-life benefits from daily yoga practice. (PsychCentral)

British cops will soon get a pay cut for not being fit. (Telegraph) And suddenly, a doughnut looks more expensive.