Link Roundup – Booze, Happy Meals & Other Dangers

Some big health headlines as of late; we kick off with a timely reminder for cold season:

You can’t catch a cold if the cold can’t catch you! New research finds that running and walking help you avoid a cold. (My Health News Daily)

Never mind the Giants: the big news out of SF this week is their unprecedented Happy Meal law. (SF Weekly)

Find out how prestigious medical journal The Lancet determined that alcohol is worse than crack. (Medical News Today)

The food industry announced new standards for front-of-package nutrition labels (Grocery Manufacturers Association) that already have vocal critics (The Daily Green).

Two new weight-loss drugs failed to get FDA approval. (MedPage Today) Still approved for weight loss: exercise and better nutrition. (AFP)

Bandwagon-hoppers, take note: the top 20 fitness trends for 2011 were announced. Read the full list (ACSM) or the summary (WebMD).

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