Link Roundup – Wide Awake and Drowsy

We lead with a story that has its ups and downs:

The controversy over caffeinated alcoholic drinks peaked with a new FDA crackdown. The makers of Four Loko had already pulled the caffeine a day earlier, but they still defend their product. In New York, it’s all led to a big sales rush at bodegas (Daily News), while at the bars, still-legal caffeine cocktails are increasingly popular (New York Times).

We love Back On My Feet for using running to help people experiencing homelessness to get back on theirs. Founder (and CNN Hero) Anne Mahlum shares this inspiring testimonial about her work.

If you were shocked by the proposed cigarette warning labels that we mentioned last week, wait until you see these real labels from Brazil! Be warned: they range from the gruesome to the amusing, but they’re all explicit. (CBS News)

Tony Posnanski lost 200 pounds! Exciting results, yes, but he admits that how he did it is “pretty boring.” (CNN)

Why do healthy snacks for kids matter so much? Because kids increasingly skip meals in favor of snacks. The survey also includes some surprising good news. (American Dietetic Association)

National Survivors of Suicide Day is held annually on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, which is tomorrow. You can find resources and events or join the next Out of the Darkness Walk near you. (AFSP) On a related note, new research finds that the room you sleep in can promote depression. (LiveScience)

Finally, jeers to the gym that had this very bad cross-promotion idea. (Huffington Post)

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