Link Roundup – Tips on Colds, Alcohol and Hyphen Usage

A few stories that caught our eye this week:

First, don’t miss this stirring investigation into the dangers faced by overmedicated soldiers. (New York Times)

To alleviate cold symptoms and shorten its duration, there’s one mineral you don’t want to skip. (LA Times)

It’s considered scandalous to drink alcohol early in the day, but earlier may be better for women. (MyHealthNewsDaily)

We love the No Meat Athlete blog (even though “No Meat” would be properly hyphenated). Two years in, the titular vegan marathoner has published a Newcomer’s Guide to his most popular and useful posts.

On a related note, vegans may be prone to some surprising health risks, possibly from nutrient deficiencies. (Diet Blog)

Our own fitness expert, Molly Napolitano, earned rave reviews for her debut Just You, Only Better workshop. Congratulations, Molly! (Philly2Philly)

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