Link Roundup – Health News after Sandy Hook & More

After last Friday’s Sandy Hook shootings, the town of Newtown may undergo mass post-traumatic stress. (MyHealthNewsDaily) The incident also sparked debate on mental healthcare (PBS NewsHour, with video) and rumors about an unfounded link to Asperger’s syndrome (Autism Speaks, with video).

Delicious, nutritious grapefruit juice can dangerously increase the potency of many pharmaceuticals. (New York Times) Check out the list of all 85 drugs with known grapefruit interactions. (Canadian Medical Association Journal)

Is Beyonce “literally sickening Americans” with her $50 million Pepsi endorsement? That’s the claim in an open letter from a group of scientists asking her to nix the deal or give the money to diabetes charities. (CSPI)

Daily aspirin may help your heart, but is it damaging your eyes? (NPR)

Finally, one of our favorite bloggers writes in defense of New Year’s Resolutions. (No Meat Athlete)