Link Roundup – Sitting Disease & Other Health News

If you spend your days at a desk and your nights on the couch, you may be part of the new epidemic of “Sitting Disease,” which brings serious health consequences. (Women’s Health)

To feed the 9 billion people expected to live on Planet Earth within a few decades, we will have to waste less food. (Center for Investigative Reporting, with audio) The alternative may be that we’re all forced to become vegetarian. (The Guardian)

The American Academy of Pediatrics declared that the benefits outweigh the risks when it comes to circumcising newborn boys, leading the advocacy group Intact America to question the AAP’s ethics and science.

While some go without healthcare, many are being over-treated, sometimes with fatal consequences. (New York Times) And Dr. Dean Ornish has a radical suggestion for both political parties for how to have a better healthcare system for less money. (Huffington Post)

Two non-profits are suing the U.S. Government for failing to enforce Obama’s landmark Food Safety Modernization Act. (Reuters) On the upside, the Government has issued free food-safety guides for those at the highest risk: seniors, pregnant women, and people with chronic illnesses. (

For your heart health, belly fat may be more dangerous than obesity. (HealthDay)