Link Roundup – Ashley Judd, Autism & Acceptance

Forget the ‘dumb jock’ stereotype – it turns out that soccer players are smarter than the rest of us. (New York Times)

Does Ashley Judd look “puffy”? Has she “had work done”?  The actress herself responds with pointed words about women’s health and body image. (The Daily Beast)

Obese moms may be at greater risk of having autistic children. (NPR, with audio)

Their parents’ acceptance can mean better mental health for gay, lesbian and bisexual adults. (PsychCentral)

Rick Morris quit smoking as part of the CNN Fit Nation Triathlon Challenge and found 10 surprising quitters benefits.

Who gets more exercise – men or women? (LiveScience)

A new start-up may make bicycling with a passenger easy and affordable. (FastCompany)