Link Roundup – Health News on Weight Loss, Honey & Aronofsky

A New Year’s resolution that worked: he lost 198 pounds since January 1! (Post Standard)

The golden syrup in your plastic bear might not be honey at all. Worse yet, it may be from China. (Food Safety News)

Does the sizable environmental footprint of marathons make them bad for the planet? (Mother Jones)

This Thanksgiving dinner makeover can save you 851 calories! (EatingWell)

Never mind pollen or dander – some people are allergic to air fresheners. (NPR)

Think you need to meat to fuel your activity? Listen to this interview with vegan bodybuilder Robert Cheeke. (NMA podcast)

New research links heavy methamphetamine use to schizophrenia (HealthDay), while Oscar-nominated Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky premiered “Deep End,” one of his four graphic anti-meth ads aimed at teens (The Meth Project).