Link Roundup – Sugar, Beef & a Pink Slime Recap

Is sugar toxic? Dr. Sanjay Gupta looks at the latest research. (CBS, with video)

Some call it “lean finely textured beef”; some call it “pink slime.” Either way, here’s an update on the controversy thus far. (Food Politics)

A burger’s just beef, right? Find out why a typical school-lunch burger has 26 ingredients! (NPR, with video)

A common pesticide may be leading to lower birth weight and shorter pregnancies. (HealthDay)

Is your doctor prescribing unnecessary medical tests? (Wall Street Journal)

Our obesity epidemic may be worse than we thought because of limitations with the Body Mass Index (BMI) used to measure it. (LA Times)

Say goodbye to “outdated sources of fiber and nutrition” and hello to the new Google Fiber Bar, an advancement so revolutionary that it was unveiled on April 1st. (YouTube)