Link Roundup – Bloomberg, the “Fatkini,” and Other News

If Mayor Bloomberg has his way, NYC may soon ban sweetened drinks over 16 ounces. (New York Times) If he gets his way, will it help? (NPR, with audio)

Plus-size “fatkini” blogger Gabi Gregg (, with slideshow) defends her body image, her choice of swimsuits, and her stance on healthy living. (MSNBC, with video)

Does McDonald’s contribute to childhood obesity? Their investors don’t want to know. (Advertising Age)

More fallout from the obesity epidemic: kidney stones are more prevalent than ever. (MyHealthNewsDaily)

Can people with heart disease, cancer and diabetes exercise? (Washington Post)

Forget about “corn sugar.” The FDA ruled that high-fructose corn syrup will not get a new name. (Marketplace, with audio)

Finally, fitness pioneer Jack LaLanne’s spirit lives on in this new interview with his widow, Elaine LaLanne. (LA Times)