Link Roundup – Yes, We’re Getting Fatter and Other News

Exercise helps cut your anxiety. (MyHealthNewsDaily)

Half of all household cleaners can damage your lungs. Find the safe ones with this new Guide to Healthy Cleaning. (Environmental Working Group)

America is getting fatter, and it’s going to cost us. That’s the conclusion of the newly updated report F as in Fat: How Obesity Threatens America’s Future 2012.  (Trust for America’s Health)

BPA has been (kinda-sorta) linked to obese children (NPR, with audio) who may eat more due to less sensitive taste buds (HealthDay).

Young athletes love fast food. But what does that do to their health … and their game? (New York Times)

More Americans can’t afford to fill their prescriptions. (Consumer Reports)

Even organic-foodie types are skeptical about the study that Monsanto’s genetically modified corn causes tumors in mice. (Food Politics, with links of its own)