Link Roundup – Skinny Moms, Skinny Docs, Lazy Ferrets

A Vogue article by skinny mom Dara-Lynn Weiss stirred controversy about how to keep our kids fit – and how not too! (Salon)

If you want honest medical advice about your weight, you may need a skinny doctor. (Dr. Weil)

Science nerds, take note: getting an exercise ‘high’ (technically, from endocannabinoids) may have helped us evolve toward long-distance running. Ferrets, not so much. (Runner’s World)

Research indicates that BPA in food packaging could contribute to obesity. (The Daily)

A new cancer report had good news – except for the obese and the tanned. (Time)

Curious about a plant-based diet? The 21-Day Vegan Kickstart begins this Monday. (PCRM)

Three new fitness gadgets may soon turn up at your gym. (Washington Post)

Don’t miss columnist Jane Brody’s moving personal essay on love, loss, and why social connections matter more than healthy lifestyles. (New York Times)