A Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Running Routine


Image Source: running.about.com

Running has become one of the most popular forms of exercise between people hitting the pavement and trails or taking to treadmills. Most take up running as a way to lose weight- a notion that studies show isn’t necessarily a bad idea. Running burns roughly 100 calories per mile, can help strengthen bones, and can reduce your risk of arthritis. Additionally, European studies have found that running for a couple of hours per week at a slow or moderate pace can add about six years to your life!

Despite its noted benefits, many find themselves at odds with running- largely because they haven’t broken down its techniques. Contrary to popular belief, running successfully is far more complicated than simply putting on your sneakers and going.

Using your breathe to find your pace, not running everyday, and remembering that you don’t have to run for hours at a time all of the time are all pieces of the puzzle that can not only make your next run easier, but can help you find your cadence in your own running routine.

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