Link Roundup – Mad Cow, Mad Vegans & More

The American Cancer Society just issued new healthy living guidelines for cancer survivors.

The finding of ‘mad cow disease’ in the US doesn’t necessarily mean that our food-safety systems are working. (Reuters)

When a New York Times food writer questioned the safety of vegan diets, a vegan Registered Dietician responded … testily. And when the Times wrote that exercise helps your brain, a physicist/runner had a few thoughts to add (Runner’s World).

A new survey looks at why women should exercise outdoors … and why so few of them do. (PsychCentral)

How much does an appendectomy cost – $1,500 or $182,000? With our current system, it depends. (MyHealthNewsDaily)

Las Vegas’ infamous Heart Attack Grill lived up to its name yet again. (MSNBC, with video)

Author, animal-behavior consultant, and autistic adult Temple Grandin (who Claire Danes played in the acclaimed HBO biopic) discusses the recently reported rise in autism diagnoses. (Salon)