Link Roundup – Blue Cheese & a Pillow for Weight Loss?


What is a calorie anyway? Find out that and more in this interview with Dr. Marion Nestle. (New York Times) And what is potassium bromate, and what’s it doing to our bread? (MyHealthNewsDaily)

Want to eat less? Eat smellier foods (LiveScience) or get more sleep (CBS News).

A personal trainer reflects on lessons learned from training for and then completing his first marathon. (LA Times)

Tobacco-related deaths have tripled in the past decade, a new report finds. Check out this summary (Reuters) or scroll through the complete Tobacco Atlas site (World Lung Foundation).

Coregasm” is the term coined for what some women report experiencing while doing crunches … and typically, they were very surprised. (Time)

Some cities are worse than others for springtime allergies. Find out how your area ranks. (AAFA)