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How can I enroll in a gym through GlobalFit?

To find a gym that's right for you, simply use our search-by-ZIP option online to view a list of potential fitness centers or call our Philadelphia headquarters toll-free at 1.800.294.1500 , option 1. To receive your exclusive discounted rate, your enrollment must be handled directly through GlobalFit and not at the gym.

How soon can I start going to the gym?

Once you have completed your enrollment, you can usually start by 12 p.m. EST the following business day.

What are the membership options?

For most participating gyms, you can choose a Lifestyle Membership, a Commit Membership, or a Non-Commit Membership. The Commit and Lifestyle Memberships offer increased flexibility for those members who are ready to commit to a fit lifestyle. This chart shows a side-by-side comparison:

Membership Options





2 years

1 year


Weekly dues

Vary by gym

Vary by gym

Vary by gym


Every month

Every month

Every month

One-Time Activation Fee




Gym to Gym Transfer**

Refer-a-Friend Program

Ability to Freeze**

Travel Program**

Member-to-Member Transfer**

*30-days’ notice required to cancel
** Not available at all gyms.
For national/regional chains, membership types and options may vary. Additionally, individual gyms may offer different levels of membership based on access to select facilities (i.e. fitness only, fitness plus tennis, etc.). For each of these membership types, you will still have the choice of a Lifestyle, Commit or a Non-Commit Membership through GlobalFit. Either way, your GlobalFit membership will provide identical access to one purchased directly from the gym.

Can any of my family members join GlobalFit?

The GlobalFit benefit is extended to immediate family members including your spouse/domestic partner and any dependent children under the age of 23 living at home or in school. The policies at individual gyms may vary. Please contact us at 1.800.294.1500 , option 1, for the policy at any particular gym.

How do I add a family member to my membership plan?

We’re more than happy to process your request. Please contact us at 1.800.294.1500 , option 2, and a Customer Service Representative will help you add your family member to your GlobalFit account and review the rates and billing schedule with you.

Why don’t I see a couples or family rate listed for the club I am interested in?

Each club determines which membership types they will allow GlobalFit to offer at a discount. Not all clubs offer a couple or family rate through GlobalFit. If you only see a single rate listed, then that is the discounted membership option available through GlobalFit.

Why can’t I sign up for the gym I want while I’m there checking it out?

In order to receive your exclusive GlobalFit rate, ability to freeze or transfer your Commit or Lifestyle Membership, access to GlobalFit’s Non-Commit Membership option, or any employer subsidy administered by GlobalFit, you must sign up directly through GlobalFit and not at the gym.

I am already a member of a gym in the GlobalFit network. Can I still get a discount?

Participation in GlobalFit is for new gym members only. Membership to a gym of which you are now or were recently a member may not be available. Please call 1.800.294.1500 , option 1, and ask a Health Coach for the policy at your gym.

How can I edit my personal information, view my payment history, and access a copy of my GlobalFit agreement?

After signing into, click on the “Manage My Account” option. From this screen, you can edit your address, email, and payment method. You can also view and print your payment history. Additionally, you can view and print any documents, like your contract, that are associated with your membership.

I want to take advantage of joining a gym and joining Jenny Craig through GlobalFit. How do I do that?

Key components of fit living are regular physical activity and healthy eating habits. You can in fact do both of those things through GlobalFit! To have multiple memberships through GlobalFit, you must create two separate profiles by registering for GlobalFit site using two different email addresses either at or by speaking to a Health Coach at 1.800.294.1500 , option 1.


What are the costs?

Dues – The amount of your dues depends on the gym you choose to join. You can get information on dues, locations, and hours of operation via the online search engine at or by calling 1.800.294.1500 , option 1.

Activation Fee – This one-time fee activates your service with GlobalFit and secures your discounted rate for a gym membership.

GlobalFit Processing Fee – This one-time processing fee is added to all purchases from GlobalFit.

Why did I get charged more than one processing fee?

For some clubs, GlobalFit also charges for a club access key. Our system displays this cost as a processing fee so you may see two processing fees listed, but one is the GlobalFit Processing Fee and the other is this club access key fee.

Are there any other additional costs that are club specific?

Some clubs charge an assessment fee prior to a membership beginning. Additionally, some clubs charge an annual maintenance fee, usually about $25, that is payable directly to the club.

Do insurance companies reimburse me for belonging to a gym?

All insurance companies set their own policies. You must call your insurance provider and inquire directly with them.

How do I pay for my GlobalFit membership?

All billing is done electronically through GlobalFit. Charges can be made to a major credit card, or for select gyms, to your checking or savings account. Please note that the GlobalFit website only accepts credit cards.

Can I enroll in the program if I don’t have a credit card or bank account?

No. Like most gyms, all billing is done electronically. If you currently don’t have an account, you may want to consider opening a small bank account just for your GlobalFit membership.

What credit cards does GlobalFit accept?

GlobalFit accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

What happens if my payment returns?

In the event that your payment returns, you will be contacted via email to let you know that there was a return. You will also be advised that if two consecutive billing cycles return, $30 in returned payment fees will be assessed. To avoid these fees, you should call Globalfit as soon as the returned payment email is received so that the billing can be resolved and so that fees can be avoided.


Where is the closest GlobalFit gym in my area?

GlobalFit’s online search engine lets you find participating GlobalFit gyms near your zip code. You can also call 1.800.294.1500 , option 1, and speak with a Health Coach to see what is available in your area.

What if there are no participating gyms in my area that I want to join?

If you aren’t ready to commit to a gym in your area just yet, GlobalFit offers convenient, affordable options for at-home fitness like Zumba® DVDs and Exercise On Demand.

Also, keep in mind that GlobalFit is continually adding new locations and gym partners to the network.

If I join one of GlobalFit’s participating gyms, can I use any other gym in the network?

When you join a gym through GlobalFit, you have access to that one facility. However, some gyms offer regional and/or national membership options that let you use select gyms within that chain.

If you have a Commit or Lifestyle Membership, you may also use participating GlobalFit gyms up to five times per month while traveling more than 50 miles from your primary gym. A guest fee may be required in this situation.

Why can’t I find the club I am interested in on your website?

GlobalFit would love to offer discounted rates to all clubs nationwide, however the GlobalFit Gym Network is a voluntary program and some clubs choose to not participate. If you have a particular club in mind that you would like to join the network, please advise the owner/manager to contact us or go to and our club team will love to work on adding them to the network. You may also want to continue to check the GlobalFit website periodically as we are always adding clubs to the network.


What happens to my membership if I move?

If you are still in your initial commitment period and there is a comparable club within 7 miles of your new location, you have the option of transferring your membership there. Note that if you choose to transfer, new club rates apply. If you choose not to transfer, you can pay an Early Termination Fee to cancel the membership prior to the end of your commitment period (This excludes paid-in-full memberships as those membership dues are paid up front for the year.).

If you have fulfilled your minimum commitment or purchased a Non-Commit Membership and your cancellation request is received by the 18th of the month, the cancellation will be effective as of the last day of the same month. If your cancellation request is received after the 18th of the month, the cancellation will be effective as of the last day of the following month.

Can I cancel anytime?

GlobalFit simply asks that you call 1.800.294.1500 , option 2, by the 18th of the month for a membership to be canceled at the end of that month. All requests received after the 18th will be effective at the end of the following month.

If you have made a commitment to a fit lifestyle through GlobalFit’s Commit or Lifestyle Memberships, you may not cancel until you have fulfilled the minimum term except in very limited circumstances, such as physical relocation or physician’s advisement.

Should I call GlobalFit or my gym directly to cancel?

All requests, including a request to cancel, must be done through GlobalFit and not at the fitness center. You can initiate a cancellation request by calling GlobalFit at 1.800.294.1500 , option 2.

For how long can I freeze my account?

Commit and Lifestyle members are allowed to freeze their membership up to two (2) months in a calendar year, depending on the gym. You will not be billed for your freeze period. Your Commit or Lifestyle Membership will be extended by the time it is frozen.

Customers may request to freeze their membership up to the 18th of the month in order for their membership dues to be frozen for the upcoming month. Any requests after the 18th will not take effect until the end of the following month.


Can I enroll in Silver Sneakers through GlobalFit?

The Silver Sneakers® Fitness Program is an exercise and wellness program for older adults that some insurance carriers will pay for. While not affiliated with Silver Sneakers, you can save money on your membership dues should you enroll in a gym through GlobalFit.

What is Exercise On Demand and how much does it cost?

GlobalFit’s Exercise On Demand offers over 100 easy-to-follow exercise videos by professional instructors. The program includes a fitness assessment, an exercise calendar where you can schedule your workouts, and a section where you can create weight loss and fitness goals for yourself

The cost is $39 for a one-year subscription. For employees of companies that offer GlobalFit’s GetActive program, access is free.

After you purchase Exercise On Demand, you can access it by logging into, and choosing Exercise On Demand in the menu.

What is Health Coaching (also known as Healthy Changes or HealthyStart)?

This program gives you unlimited one-on-one phone and/or email access to a coach, a health professional dedicated to providing you with support, motivation, and assistance in making healthy lifestyle decisions. All coaches are specially trained to help busy employees overcome obstacles to customize a realistic fitness plan. Best of all, you can participate from the comfort of your own home.

The program pricing is specific to your company. Please log in at (Free site registration is required.) to view the price.

Coaches are available Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST.

Does GlobalFit offer any weight loss programs?

GlobalFit is excited to offer Jenny Craig as a healthy weight management and weight loss solution.