Link Roundup – WARNING: This Blog Post May Provide Insight

A few stories that enlightened us this week:

From antibiotics to statins, many common drugs have less commonly known side effects. Five pharmacists fill in the blanks about five popular pharmaceuticals. (L.A. Times)

What can you tell from a telomere? These microscopic tips on our chromosomes have told researchers that regular exercise seems to slow aging! So get moving … you can look younger without sacrificing your eyebrow mobility! (Washington Post or the more geeky explanation at MedPage Today)

Not just younger, but smarter! A study of more than a million Swedes linked cardiovascular health to brain power. (Livescience)

If you successfully lost weight, you deserve a reward. But not a cookie! Check out these smart suggestions for rewarding without food. (SparkPeople)

Finally, we love this Apple-a-Day Poster. It’s a great way to encourage healthy snack habits (for kids or adults) by tying it into a fun collector’s hobby. (Etsy)

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