Link Roundup – Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jack LaLanne, Jack LaLanne

Before we look to other news, we bid a fond farewell to a man who revolutionized fitness:

Fitness icon Jack LaLanne passed away at age 96. (New York Times)
As this vintage magazine cover shows, Jack was fit before fit was cool. (Old Time Strongman)
On his groundbreaking 1950s TV show, he exercised with organ accompaniment. (
He taught us how to age actively and inspired other fitness gurus, including Richard Simmons. (CNN)
Jack kept up his infectious enthusiasm for exercise, even into his 90s! (NPR)

Jack got ripped through hard work and dedication; a new report finds that more and more weightlifters take the easy way out. (WebMD)

Another fitness icon – The Soloflex – gets its due in this appreciation of the game-changing home machine and the world’s first infomercial. (Slate)

Is whole milk ready to make a comeback? (Washington Post)

For a model on how to get Americans fit, First Lady Michelle Obama is looking to the Army. (AP)

What’s the beef with Taco Bell? The charge is that it’s mostly not beef. (New York Daily News)

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