Link Roundup – Science & Health

Here’s a roundup of interesting health topics on the web this week:

  • HBO’s “The Alzheimer’s Project” documentary takes a look at the lives affected by Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.  The site has information, resources, and an opportunity to share your own story. (
  • Some researchers have found that increased consumption alone is responsible for skyrocketing obesity rates. Of course, being less active only adds to the problem.  (ScienceDaily)
  • A current study is taking a look at the effect of moderate daily alcohol consumption on heart disease.  The subjects, age 55 or older, are drinking sugar-free lemonade mixed with grain alcohol as part of the trial but consume no other alcohol for six months. The hope is to confirm that any benefits come directly from alcohol, not from other ingredients found in alcoholic beverages like wine or beer. (Boston Globe)
  • The New York Times takes a look at the health of baby boomers, a generation that has made a concerted effort to stay active as they age. (

Here’s wishing you a healthy, active weekend!

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