Link Roundup – The Great Organics Debate

A much-publicized study found that organic food isn’t more nutritious than conventionally grown food.  (Annals of Internal Medicine) The study’s critics pointed out that the study had serious limitations (Consumer Reports), that there are other reasons to eat organic (Forbes) and that the study is wrong about pesticides (LA Times) and wrong about antibiotics (Food Politics).

In Copenhagen, they’ve built a highway for bicycles. (NPR, with audio)

The FDA recently released safety guidelines for neti pots.

A ‘bionic’ woman paralyzed from the waist down walked a marathon thanks to the ReWalk exoskeleton suit. (NY Daily News)

Along with the first kickoff of the NFL season comes news that the players may have increased Alzheimer’s risk. (Huffington Post)

Is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie hurt by jokes about his weight? (NewsWorks) On the flip side, is Kate Middleton too thin? (Salon)