Link Roundup – Little League, Oral Hygiene & Meryl Streep

First, the bad news: a sedentary lifestyle has rapidly dangerous effects on the body. But there’s good news too. (New York Times)

Our kids are getting way too much sugar, the CDC found. (MSNBC) And active video games like Wii Fit may not make a difference after all. (Time)

Pediatricians issued new recommendations for little league safety. (HealthDay)

This week, she won an Oscar, but for decades, Meryl Streep has been earning accolades for her environmental activism. (OnEarth)

Americans increasingly turn to the ER for dental problems … and it’s costing us a fortune. (Pew Charitable Trusts, with infographic)

Not following doctor’s orders? A health coach can help, research finds. (PsychCentral)

Before you refinish your bathroom, find out which common chemical can be fatal. (NPR)