Link Roundup – Better Sex, SpongeBob, & Other Weird Health News

Water conservation gets a comic twist with the Wasting Water is Weird campaign’s three new ads, all featuring a new character, Rip the Drip.

Does sex burn more calories than exercise? And is it safe for men with a heart condition? Scientists answer these and other burning questions (Harvard HealthBeat) including why exercise can let you skip the Viagra (MyHealthNewsDaily) and why smoking doesn’t (Reuters).

For better grades, say ‘no’ to SpongeBob and other frenetic kids’ shows (Time)

To lower healthcare costs, just say “om.” (Psych Central)

If you want clean beaches, then wear natural fibers; our synthetic lint goes from the washer to the ocean. (Science News)

Recycled-plastic islands are just one of five innovative ideas for cleaner water. (Minnesota Public Radio)

A listeriosis outbreak reminds us to wash our melons and other produce … even the part you don’t eat. (NPR)

Don’t shoot the messenger: expect this fall to be perhaps the worst allergy season ever. (ABC News, with video)