Link Roundup – How to Survive Tampa, Cold Season, and your Wedding

The American Lung Association’s recent State of the Air 2012 report prompted some soul-searching from Tampa on their F grade. (ABC Action News, with video)

Two ways to get fewer colds and flu: move more, and just sit. (HealthDay)

Fuel your workouts with these 5 “power ingredients”. (EatingWell) Then, don’t let stress slow your recovery. (Sweat Science)

Should you be able to buy fast food in a hospital? (NPR, with audio)

HealthGuru launched a sex health video Q&A with about 100 real user questions.

Before you schedule that knee or hip replacement, see if less invasive options might relieve your osteoarthritis. (New York Times)

Did one “skinny” blogger go too far in calling Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Upton “fat”? (Salon, with some explicit language)

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention offer this wedding survival guide. Our tax dollars at work, folks!