Link Roundup – Two Perks of Pumping Iron & More Health News

Why smoking is more dangerous for women and how weight-lifting helps quitters avoid weight gain. (HealthDay)

Pumping iron may also cut your diabetes risk. Researchers hail it as good news for those who have trouble losing weight. (UCLA, with video)

Could microwaves be raising our kids’ asthma rates? (Time)

Antidepressant use is on the rise … but not always to treat depression. (USA Today)

Is coconut water really as good as a sports drink? (New York Times)

How best to filter your tap water and how bottled-water marketers target minorities. (Forbes)

Think you can’t afford to eat healthfully? Our partners at EatingWell bought one day’s worth of fruits and veggies for just $2.25.

Don’t hate them because they’re orange:  tanning-bed habitués may be addicted. (Psych Central)