Link Roundup – Lots of Weight-Loss News & One Stupid Headline

File Under: Wrong Conclusion! Read past the headline declaring that “‘Freshman 15′ weight gain is a myth” to the part where it says “No more than 10 percent of all college freshmen actually gained 15 pounds or more.” If one in 10 gains that much weight in just nine months, then it’s not a myth! It may not be inevitable for all freshmen, but clearly, it’s very real. (Reuters)

For folks over 50, the new Go4Life website encourages more activity.

To inspire others, personal trainer Drew Manning deliberately packed on 76 pounds of fat and is now working to get back in shape. Watch the video coverage (Good Morning America) or follow his own website.

The latest installment in NPR’s ongoing “Obesity in America” series focuses on weight loss, why willpower isn’t enough, and how exercise trumps biology.

We don’t yet know if her Let’s Move campaign will make an impact, but Michelle Obama has already inspired White House staffers to lose weight. (AP)

The people behind Food Identity Theft want to stop “high-fructose corn syrup” from being renamed “corn sugar” so consumers can make informed choices.

When 4 million new iPhone 4s owners throw out their old phones, what does that do to our water, air and soil? (Washington Post)

Before your next hospital procedure, check out these five unusual patient-safety tips. (Safe Patient Project)