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Not sure where or how to begin to make changes in your daily life?

A good coach can make all the difference. Whether it’s on the football field or through a wellness program, our coaching and digital learning series can be just what you need to help with the behaviors and triggers that are affecting your overall health and quality of life.

Working with a coach is an excellent opportunity to refocus, set meaningful goals and make some small changes that can lead to big results!

With this great package, you’ll have access to both:

  • The Tobacco Cessation Program
  • The e‑Learning Series (11 digital programs)

The Tobacco Cessation Program

Work with a Health Coach to begin your journey towards becoming "smoke-free." The Tobacco Cessation Program is an interactive program that includes telephonic coaching sessions and a six-week, self-study program designed to help participants quit smoking, tobacco, or nicotine use. How to book an appointment

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The e‑Learning Series

The Wellworks For You e‑Learning Series, available on the Wellness Portal, is 11 self-study programs designed to educate, inform, and inspire behavioral change. Each program includes educational videos and quizzes. The e‑Learning Series topics are listed below.

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The e‑Learning Series Topics

  • Heart icon Healthy Living with a Chronic Condition
  • Diabetes icon Living Well with Diabetes
  • Biometrics icon The Meaning Behind Your Biometrics
  • Baby icon Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby
  • Nutrition icon Nutrition For Healthy Living
  • sleep icon Sleep and Your Health
  • Ergonomics icon Ergonomics
  • Physical Activity icon Physical Activity
  • Weight icon Weight Management
  • Heart icon Heart Health
  • Stress icon Stress Management