Health Coaching &
Digital Learning Series Program

Not sure where or how to begin to make changes in your daily life?

A good coach can make all the difference. Whether it’s on the football field or through a wellness program, our coaching and digital learning series can be just what you need to help with the behaviors and triggers that are affecting your overall health and quality of life.

Working with a coach is an excellent opportunity to refocus, set meaningful goals and make some small changes that can lead to big results!

With our Health Coaching & Digital Learning Series, you’ll have access to our Tobacco Cessation Coaching & Learning Series Program along with three digital learning series programs that focus on Stress Management, Diabetes, and Nutrition.

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Tobacco Cessation Coaching & Learning Series Program

Work with a Health Coach to begin your journey towards becoming "smoke-free."

The Tobacco Cessation Coaching & Learning Series Program is an interactive program that includes telephonic coaching sessions and a six-week, self-study program designed to help participants quit smoking, tobacco, or nicotine use.

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Digital Learning Series: Self-Study Programs

Each Learning Series topic consists of a pre- and post-course survey, along with six modules that include a video and a quiz.


Program Overview

The Nutrition Learning Series is a 6-week video series on the basics of nutrition.

Stress Management

Program Overview

In this Stress Management Learning Series, you will enjoy exploring skills to identify the physiological, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive symptoms of stress.


Program Overview

The Diabetes Learning Series is a six-week video series focusing on preventing, understanding and managing existing diabetes.

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