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Kurbo is the only proven and scalable mobile health solution that empowers kids, teens, and families to eat healthier, lose weight, and make lasting lifestyle changes.

Watch how Kurbo’s program makes a dramatic impact on an Alabama teen and her family

Phones with Kurbo

1:1 Health coaching and goal setting with a Kurbo coach every week.

24/7 Expert support through email, text messages, and phone calls.

Food and Fitness Tracker App specially designed for kids and teens.

Nutrition education through entertaining games and videos.


How It Works

Kurbo Coach

Receive one-on-one coaching from a trained Kurbo coach

Your dedicated Kurbo coach will meet with you and your child each week to provide encouragement, review progress and set goals.

  • Meet via phone or video conference from the comfort of your own home
  • Receive daily motivation and support by text, phone and email
  • Get matched with the best coach for your child’s goals and interests
  • All coaches are specially trained by behavior coaches from Stanford
Children learn from app

Learn healthier eating habits through our traffic light system

Kurbo’s easy-to-understand food classification system makes it simple for kids to identify the foods that will help them achieve their goals and limit the ones that won’t.

  • Foods are categorized by their nutrition value (e.g. carbs and sugar are reds, veggies and fruits are greens, etc.)
  • Promotes long term lifestyle change—not counting calories
  • Proven safe and effective for kids by Stanford’s Pediatric Weight Control Program
Track progress and results

Track meals and activities with our kid-friendly app

Kurbo’s easy-to-use mobile app makes it simple and fun for kids to stay on top of their food and activity choices.

  • Track food and exercise, and monitor your progress
  • Reinforce healthy lifestyle habits through fun games and videos
  • Learn important concepts like portion size and how to plan ahead
  • Stay motivated and engaged through weekly challenges

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Kurbo Coaching Plan

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Kurbo Coaching Plan

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6 Month

Kurbo Coaching Plan

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