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Gym Network 360

For over 25 years, Gym Network 360 has been the largest and most trusted aggregator of fitness and wellness discounts for the nation's most respected insurers and employers. Our platform offers a comprehensive suite of programs and products with a focus on the essential components of wellness: exercise, eating, and education. Gym Network 360 participants gain access to exclusive best-in-class pricing with some of the biggest brands in nutrition, fitness, and wellness.

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GlobalFit Rewards

GlobalFit Rewards was the first wellness reimbursement platform to combine gym reimbursement, real time gym check-in, wearable integration, and participation validation to deliver maximum engagement in a simple, flexible, and cloud-based solution. Today, GlobalFit Rewards is an innovative and industry leading wellness engagement solution that encourages employees and insurance members to invest in their own health by rewarding them for making healthy choices.

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