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Gym Network 360

For over 25 years, Gym Network 360 has been the largest and most trusted aggregator of fitness and wellness discounts for the nation's most respected insurers and employers. Our platform offers a comprehensive suite of programs and products from gym memberships, to virtual fitness and well-being offerings, and telenutrition services delivered by Registered Dietitians. Gym Network 360 participants gain access to exclusive best-in-class pricing with some of the biggest brands in nutrition, fitness and wellness.

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GlobalFit Rewards

International Capabilities

GlobalFit Rewards is a comprehensive cloud-based rewards platform that reimburses employees and plan members for participating in wellness activities and investing in their own health. Employers and insurers have the flexibility to design a program that meets the needs of its organization and culture. GlobalFit Rewards validates participation of gym, studio and at-home workouts, and various other wellness activities from virtual meetings with a dietitian to health coaching programs. GlobalFit Rewards offers many value added options such as real time gym check-in, wearable integration, wellness goal completion and international delivery through a fully translated platform and experience.

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WalkMyMind is a simple, intuitive app that distributes company communications and education as well as other interesting audio content (walkcasts) while at the same time, promoting walking. Employees can listen to interesting content, both company sponsored or general topics, while walking and participating in challenges. WalkMyMind powered by GlobalFit delivers one outcome: a happier and healthier workforce.

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GlobalFit Anywhere

GlobalFit Anywhere is the first app connecting users to in-person and virtual studios, gyms, and trainers using dynamic pricing. GlobalFit Anywhere’s dynamic pricing algorithm analyzes supply and demand, and rebalances prices to give the consumer the best possible price. Pay as you go. No membership required. No expensive cancellation fees. Your workout, your way.

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CHARGE provides insurance-funded evidence based telenutrition and on-site programs delivered by Registered Dietitians. CHARGE works 1-on-1 with each individual to customize a program that meets their health goals, individual needs and busy lifestyle.

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Custom Solutions

As a leading provider of wellness solutions, we have the technology and know-how to deliver customized products for our clients. If there is a wellness need, we can fill it.

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