GlobalFit Anywhere

GlobalFit Anywhere is the first app connecting users to studios, gyms, and trainers using dynamic pricing. GlobalFit Anywhere’s dynamic pricing algorithm analyzes supply and demand, and rebalances prices to give the consumer the best possible price. Pay as you go. No membership required. No expensive cancellation fees. Your workout, your way.

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Why GlobalFit Anywhere

GlobalFit Anywhere was developed in response to employer and insurer requests for a more contemporary and flexible fitness benefit that allows users to make à la carte purchases across multiple brands, on one platform.

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What It Has To Offer

Studios, gyms, and trainers gain a gateway to employers and insurers who are often subsidizing or reimbursing for the purchase of classes, day passes, and personal training sessions.

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Dynamic Pricing Algorithm

GlobalFit Anywhere assesses demand, factoring in utilization and booking velocity, to display the optimal rate to drive a purchase without devaluing the retail rate. Available inventory is based on location, time, and activity type.

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Promotion Options

Employers & insurers can offer client sponsored promotions to their population to incentivize utilization. GlobalFit offers its employees a $60/year promotion to practice what we preach!

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Flexible, Straightforward, and Effortless

GlobalFit Anywhere gives the flexibility to book a workout according to goals, location, activity preferences, and budget. Pay-as-you-go, no cancelation fees or monthly membership.

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Only One Click Away

Users are always one click away from exploring a new activity or getting back into their routine. This simplicity is what truly makes it "Your workout, your way!"

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