The GlobalFit Gym Network

GlobalFit is your proven corporate sales and marketing partner. Over the last 24 years, GlobalFit has built and expanded its Gym Network, providing eligible insurance plan members, company employees, and affiliation members with special corporate membership rates to thousands of health clubs, studios, gyms, and medical fitness centers.

With access to 8 out of the 10 top insurers and over 4,500 clients, GlobalFit is able to target more than 70 million eligible prospects that have access to the GlobalFit Gym Network as part of their wellness program. With our vast network of clients and robust marketing and sales platform, employees and insurance plan members have access to over 8,000 clubs, studios, and fitness centers nationwide. At GlobalFit, we believe that achieving optimal health and wellness doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.

The Challenge

In today’s competitive market, clubs, gyms, studios, and medical fitness centers need an efficient and cost effective way to penetrate the corporate market. Most corporate membership programs fail miserably due to the inability to market directly to insurance plan members and employees, excessive discounting, and the inability to service prospects at the regional and national level.

Why Our Clients and Insurers Choose GlobalFit

GlobalFit provides a “one stop shop” for clients and insurers who want to interface with one vendor that can deliver pre-negotiated special pricing for an entire suite of wellness programs and services. The GlobalFit benefit delivers a comprehensive network of gyms, clubs, fitness centers, weight management programs, and fitness equipment that can be offered to all employees regardless of where they are located. Our marketing tools and communication strategies work in tandem with onsite programs to increase employee engagement and participation.

The Solution

GlobalFit Extends Your Reach & Lowers Your Acquisition Costs!

  • We bring you MEMBERS, instead of leads you still have to service, track and close.
  • We market directly to employees of corporate partners nationwide.
  • We never market to the general public, only individuals affiliated with us through an eligible insurance provider or employer.
  • We market the Gym Network constantly throughout the year to HR Managers and Benefits Administrators at our partner organizations.
  • We constantly bring new companies into our network of employers. We onboard 25-50 new employers each month! 
  • 75% of the memberships we sell come from our direct marketing campaigns to corporate and insurance partners. 
  • 25% of the memberships we sell come from our strategic marketing partners through corporate rewards programs.
  • We bill, collect and service the financial relationship with the member so GlobalFit takes on the risk of collection and payment.

How It Works

  • Employees expect something special if it’s being offered as part of their company rewards or benefits program.​
  • Set a membership pricing structure for GlobalFit members that compares well against your retail rate. We usually suggest offering your normal corporate membership rate.
  • You only pay GlobalFit if we sell a membership to your facility.
  • Complete your Club Profile on the GlobalFit website.
  • We send a "New Gym Alert" to all the prospects in our database that live within a seven mile radius of your facility.
  • Prospects join your gym online or over the phone with a GlobalFit Health Coach.
  • Get ready to meet your new members and receive your monthly payments!

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About joining the gym network

If you have entered a cell phone number or another number that you later convert to a cell number you agree that we may contact you at that number. You also agree to receive all calls and messages such as pre-recorded messages from automated calling systems or text messages. Normal cell phone charges may apply.