Lose 20-40 pounds in your first 16 weeks

and keep losing until you reach your goal!


ManUP Health is a 16-week online program designed for guys to burn fat (average weight loss is 20-40 pounds in 16-weeks), gain energy, and get their game back. The program combines personalized mindset, activity, and nutrition-focused training from your phone, tablet, or computer. You'll have access to a science team, teammates for camaraderie and competition, and tracking tools.


Transform your mind, transform your body, transform your life with ManUP.

  • Burn 20-40 pounds in 16 weeks with a simple online program that works
  • Reset your metabolism and mindset with ManUP’s M.A.N. playbooks
  • Gain access to ManUP’s Science Team for your nutrition and activity questions
  • Be worry free with an unconditional two-week money back guarantee

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Weight loss that works!

An evidence based program that integrates insights from 10,000 successful individuals who lost an average of 70 pounds and kept it off for at least six years!

ManUP works

How it works


1. Take The Assessment

Complete the online assessment so the ManUP ™ team can learn about your goals and what makes you tick.

2. Receive your custom program

Get personalized activity and nutrition guidance that fits with your lifestyle.

Don’t like jogging? Would rather be playing hockey? No problem. You can tailor an activity program that is built around the things you actually enjoy doing.

Activity programs can start with as little as 10 minutes of exercise a day and gradually increase from there.

Train at your convenience.

3. Hit the end zone!

Complete the 16-week program while learning how to eat like a top athlete and exercise doing things you like to do.



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After photo
  • Lose up to 8-1o pounds in your first two weeks!
  • Continue to lose 1-2 pounds per week until you reach your goal!
  • Clients who stay committed to the program see weight loss of 20-40 pounds in 16 weeks!


"Before I started the program I weighed 257 pounds. This morning (one month into the program) I weigh 229 pounds. That’s like I’ve been carrying a four year old kid around that I have finally managed to set down."